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Yorkshire Biz August 17 - Debbie Jenkins - Millfield Studios

Yorkshire Biz August 17 - Debbie Jenkins - Millfield Studios

Want to feel part of the community and being motivated to enhance your and your little one’s physical wellbeing? 

In August, we are featuring many amazing female Yorkshire entrepreneurs by showcasing their business (#yorkshirebizaugust) and a bit of personal life on our shop blog. 

Make sure you enter our big Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway (#ybagiveaway) to win one of our prizes given out by these superwomen! No need to be in Yorkshire to enjoy our prizes. (read the bottom of this post to find out how to enter)

Today we are featuring Debbie and her fitness studio business with her business partner Lucy Nickson - Millfield Fitness Studio which aims to bridge the gap between community fitness and wellbeing classes and larger less personal gym facilities.


Business Name  

Millfield Studios


Business Related Questions

Which part of Yorkshire is your business based? 

Our business Millfield Studios is based in York, North Yorkshire with a facility for face to face group classes and now an online virtual studio.

Tell us a little bit about your business - What makes your business a little different from others?

Run together by Debbie Jenkins and Lucy Nickson and our small team of instructors, Millfield Studios aims to bridge the gap between community fitness and wellbeing classes and larger less personal gym facilities.

Our studio is a personal group fitness, yoga, and Pilates studio where we offer more than just classes, we have built up our community with fun, friendly and effective classes, social online events, cookery workshops and regular challenges to keep our clients motivated.

What’s your favourite ever product or service that you currently sell or have sold?

Whilst we love teaching all our classes our Mums and Women’s group personal training programme is one of our top services where likeminded women can feel supported and motivated to exercise consistently and make positive changes to their health and wellbeing. This programme includes weekly workouts, recipe, and nutrition ideas and instructor and group support to ensure everyone stays on track and gets the support they need to achieve their goals.

Why did you choose this business to run or establish? 

Millfield Studio’s was born from wanting to provide the personal feel to group classes you get when running in the community with the high-quality facilities you would expect from a larger corporate facility.

How are you pivoting or adapting your business during this crazy Covid virus time?

We had to take the decision to close our building on 16th March this year due to the global pandemic and move our studio classes online. We have just re opened this week but after such huge success of our online platform we are now running a hybrid of both in person, live streamed and pre recorded Fitness, Yoga and Pilates Classes.


What is your one product or service you would recommend for either a pregnant woman, newborn mom, or for babies, toddlers, or young children? 

I guess a big thing we have learned working with pregnant mums to be and mums of new-borns/toddlers that finding a community of other like-minded mum’s/women is so valuable to help you with your own physical, Mental health and wellbeing, meeting other new mum’s/mums to be and providing support for each other in the wonderful world of parenthood.

If there is anything else, you would need to know about what we offer just ask. 

Final Words

So there you go. I really hope you have enjoyed learning more about Debbie and her fabulous business, if you'd like to find out more, here are her contact details:


Contact details:




Millfield Fitness Studio

Phone:01904 593481

Address: 5 Devonshire Court

Green Lane Trading Estate, Clifton, York, YO30 5PQ



Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway

What are Debbie’s gifts for the giveaway?

Debbie is giving out 2 x Day online Access Passes to either our Pregnancy Pilates, Fitness, Yoga or Pilates Classes. 

One winner is drawn from Facebook entries and the other for Instagram's. 


Enter the Giveaways

If you want to enter our August Giveaway (entries close on 30 Aug 2020), click on the links below to take part.

Instagram Entry of August GiveawayFacebook Entry - August Giveaway

Please make sure you read the description to understand how to enter the giveaway contests as the two giveaways have different requirements. 


By reading this interview article, we hope it will encourage you to support more small local UK businesses. It will be even better if it inspires you to create your own business! There are many other Yorkshire Biz August businesses we have to introduce you. 

Click here to find out more about the campaign and links to other interview blog posts. 

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