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Yorkshire Biz August 24 - Stacey Jackson - The Peaceful Panda

Yorkshire Biz August 24 - Stacey Jackson - The Peaceful Panda

Want to learn how to use massage to calm your baby?

In August, we are featuring many amazing female Yorkshire entrepreneurs by showcasing their business (#yorkshirebizaugust) and a bit of personal life on our shop blog. 

Make sure you enter our big Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway (#ybagiveaway) to win one of our prizes given out by these superwomen! No need to be in Yorkshire to enjoy our prizes. (read the bottom of this post to find out how to enter)

Today we are featuring Stacey and her baby massage business - The Peaceful Panda which is aimed to provide baby massage and baby yoga sessions. These could be a group session, 1-1 and even online.


Business Name  

The Peaceful Panda


Business Related Questions

Which part of Yorkshire is your business based? 

I'm based in Bradford.

Tell us a little bit about your business - What makes your business a little different from others?

At the moment I sell a selection of organic baby toiletries, which I run alongside baby massage sessions. I offer them over zoom in keeping with lockdown regulations. I'm studying at the minute to be able to extend my classes  to include baby yoga and workshops on teething, potty training and weaning. I am looking forward to launching my first workshop in September on teething which will include a massage on the best areas to aid teething and the resources to be able to make your own teething necklace.

What’s your favourite ever product or service that you currently sell or have sold?

I have just ordered some amazing new panda teethers which I am taking pre orders for.

Why did you choose this business to run or establish? 

I wanted a change of career, I currently teach part time in a school, but eventually would love this to be my full time job.

How are you pivoting or adapting your business during this crazy Covid virus time?

I am a relatively new business so Covid hasn't affected me too much. It's actually helped me launch my business. I have run a set of massage classes online.


What is your one product or service you would recommend for either a pregnant woman, newborn mom, or for babies, toddlers, or young children? 

I love  the soothing lotion I sell. I currently use it on my 2 year old who still gets flare ups of her baby eczema. I also like to sneak some myself from time to time.


Personally Related


Who or what inspires you?

My husband inspires me everyday, he works so hard to get to where he is all to make sure he can give me and our daughter everything we need.


What TV shows can make you binge on all day long? 

I love watching netflix, I’m into supernatural programmes such as The vampire diaries, The originals, and The Witcher. My husband is currently making me watch Star Trek.

What is your favourite ‘me-time’ or ‘self-care’ activity? 

I have a toddler so me time is often hard, but I do love to soak in a long hot bath with a glass of wine.

What is one thing you love about living in Yorkshire? 

I love living in Yorkshire, I love you can travel just a few miles and see some beautiful countryside.

What is your advice to a new mom?

I always found that everybody wanted you to do things their way. I decided that it was best to listen ads take it all on board but still do things my own way. That way I didn't offend anybody.

Final Words

So there you go. I really hope you have enjoyed learning more about Stacey and her fabulous business, if you'd like to find out more, here are her contact details:


Contact details:




Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway

What are Stacey’s gifts for the giveaway?

Stacey is giving out 1x surprise mom and baby pack + 1x panda teether.

One winner is drawn from Facebook entries and the other for Instagram's. 


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By reading this interview article, we hope it will encourage you to support more small local UK businesses. It will be even better if it inspires you to create your own business! There are many other Yorkshire Biz August businesses we have to introduce you. 

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