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Our top 50 toys and rocking horse picks for Easter

Our top 50 toys and rocking horse picks for Easter

Our top 50 toys and rocking horse picks for Easter

Who said an Easter Egg Hunt is only just for getting some eggs and chocolates? You can include your little one’s playmates to make this experience extra special! We have 50 top picks here just for your baby and toddler!

When we talk about Easter, people think of bunnies, sheep, eggs, and chocolate. What do our team at The Rocking Horse Toy Shop also think of also? The lovely cuddly farm animals that the sheep and bunnies live with! 

How about riding on our Lambert the rocking sheep to go on this hunting adventure? We also have bunnies rockers such as Pauline and Nina! These rocking animals are suitable for babies from 6 or 9 months onwards. Fancy a lovely Donkey? We have Alex the rocking donkey as well! Not to mention one of everyone’s favourites, the llamas! Our Rio the rocking llama can keep your little one company in this outing! 

Lambert The Rocking Sheep Pauline Rocking bunnyNina the Rocking Rabbit
Alex Rocking DonkeyRio the Rocking Llama

We cannot leave our most popular Celeste rocking unicorn and Biscuit rocking horse alone! They both come in models for 9 months old and 12 months old plus babies and toddlers. They come with their own little buddies Fae the fairy and Skip the mouse. These animals will be great playmates for your little ones! 

Biscuit Rocking Horse Celeste & Fae Rocking Unicorn

Don’t forget our beloved ride-on family. We have the forever popular Hubert the ride-on highland cow, and Moobert the simply adorable farm cow, with their buddy Bojangles the ride on donkey awaiting to take your 1-year-old baby across the field to hunt down all the Easter eggs! 

Moobert Ride ON Cow Bojangles Ride On Donkey Hubert Ride On Cow

When they are not out and about with your little one, these rocking and ride-on animals will sit perfectly gorgeously in your nursery or playroom. Many of our rocking horses and animals can be personalised for free as well! 

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