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Yorkshire Biz August 02 - Angela Milburn - Wellness Specialist

Yorkshire Biz August 02 - Angela Milburn - Wellness Specialist

Want to know more about how to become the best version of yourself as a mom and woman? 

In August, we are featuring many amazing female Yorkshire entrepreneurs by showcasing their business (#yorkshirebizaugust) and a bit of personal life on our shop blog. 

Make sure you enter our big Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway (#ybagiveaway) to win one of our prizes given out by these superwomen! No need to be in Yorkshire to enjoy our prizes. (read the bottom of this post to find out how to enter)

Today we are featuring Angela Milburn and her business which is aimed to help women and moms become the best version of themselves with Hypnotherapy and Reflexology.


Business Name  

Angela Milburn, Wellness Specialist


We have recently had Angela on our Facebook Live Showcase session and she has shared a lot about her businesses, her specialities and a bit about herself! It was such a lovely chat and I have learnt a lot about hypnotherapy and reflexology! Come and have a watch! 



In Angela’s words: 

“I work, in person or remotely, to help you to become the best version of yourself. To become comfortable with who you are. Comfortable physically, by reducing and removing chronic pain from physical or emotional sources. Comfortable emotionally, by getting rid of your insecurity and lack of self belief, building confidence and resilience and boosting self esteem.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner in OldPain2Go as well as a Reflexologist. I have many more tools and techniques, some of which I will share with you to use yourself to achieve the best possible outcomes, but I always work with the individual in front of me. 

I have worked with trauma and PTSD. Removed phobias. Helped move folk from feeling suicidal to hopeful and happy. Helped others start new businesses or rediscover enjoyment and confidence where they were. If you are ready for change, please get in touch.” 

Final Words

So there you go. I really hope you have enjoyed learning more about Angela and her fabulous business, if you'd like to find out more, here are her contact details:


Contact details:








Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway

What are Angela’s gifts for the giveaway?

Angela is giving out two x online hypnotic relaxation sessions of 45 minutes including a hypnotic facial. Deeply relaxing and calming. To be redeemed by 30th September.

One gift for Facebook and one for Instagram entries. 


Enter the Giveaways

If you want to enter our August Giveaway (entries close on 30 Aug 2020), click on the links below to take part.


Instagram Entry of August GiveawayFacebook Entry - August Giveaway

Please make sure you read the description to understand how to enter the giveaway contests as the two giveaways have different requirements. 

Angela Milburn

By reading this interview article, we hope it will encourage you to support more small local UK businesses. It will be even better if it inspires you to create your own business! There are many other Yorkshire Biz August businesses we have to introduce you. 

Click here to find out more about the campaign and links to other interview blog posts. 

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