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Yorkshire Biz August 09 - Anna Winstanley - Base Pilates & Physiotherapy

Yorkshire Biz August 09 - Anna Winstanley - Base Pilates & Physiotherapy

Want to reconnect with your postnatal self and adjust to life as a Mum with physiotherapy and pilates?

In August, we are featuring many amazing female Yorkshire entrepreneurs by showcasing their business (#yorkshirebizaugust) and a bit of personal life on our shop blog. 

Make sure you enter our big Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway (#ybagiveaway) to win one of our prizes given out by these superwomen! No need to be in Yorkshire to enjoy our prizes. (read the bottom of this post to find out how to enter)

Today we are featuring Anna and her pilates business Base Pilates & Physiotherapy which aims to help moms reconnect with themselves and adjust to life as a Mum.


Business Name  

Base Pilates & Physiotherapy


Business Related Questions

Which part of Yorkshire is your business based? 


Tell us a little bit about your business - What makes your business a little different from others?

I’m a physiotherapist & Pilates instructor.

What’s your favourite ever product or service that you currently sell or have sold?

I love working one to one with Mums to help them reconnect with themselves and adjust to life as a Mum.

Why did you choose this business to run or establish? 

I worked in the NHS previously, but I found that I didn’t really have the time or scope to help people in the way that I wanted to. Now I’m able to blend my Physio and Pilates skills and provide a more person centred approach. Since having my own daughter, I developed a greater interest in maternal and women’s health generally, and my practice has evolved organically to reflect this.

How are you pivoting or adapting your business during this crazy Covid virus time?

I now provide online consultations, which is different to what I’m used to. But it is proving to be so convenient for busy Mums, or older adults who don’t want the travel and parking hassle but need advice, reassurance and a start with their rehab. 


What is your one product or service you would recommend for either a pregnant woman, newborn mom, or for babies, toddlers, or young children? 

I think every woman should have the opportunity and space to discuss her own health and wellbeing post-natally and be supported to rehab slowly and safely. I recommend a one hour consultation to discuss any concerns that a woman may have about her postnatal recovery and receive advice about resuming activity.


Personally Related


Who or what inspires you?

My friendships with other women - my close friends and my family members. There is something really unique and powerful that happens when women support each other and ‘get’ each other. 


What TV shows can make you binge on all day long? 

I think there’s some brilliant Female-centric shows and production companies out there at the moment. I loved Fleabag and The Motherhood for comedy, but my most recent binge was Little Fires Everywhere on Prime.


What is your favourite ‘me-time’ or ‘self-care’ activity? 

My Ultimate me time is a tent near a wild swimming spot with a good pub and plenty of books and crisps! And no other people!! Failing that, a walk and spending time in nature closer to home always clears my head and soothes my soul.

What is one thing you love about living in Yorkshire? 

The Natural Wonders (I know this covers more than one thing, but it’s impossible otherwise!)


What advice can you give to a new-born mom?

Protect your fourth trimester space - you don’t need to do all the things and see all the people until you are ready. 



What advice can you give to a toddler mom?

You are still post-natal, even several years down the line, so if you are still struggling mentally or physically - get help! 

Final Words

So there you go. I really hope you have enjoyed learning more about Anna and her fabulous business, if you'd like to find out more, here are her contact details:


Contact details:




Email address: 



Yorkshire Biz August Giveaway

What are Anna’s gifts for the giveaway?

Anna’s giving out two Gift Vouchers of £20 - redeemable on Online physiotherapy consultation. Expires End September 2020.

One winner is drawn from Facebook entries and the other for Instagram's. 



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By reading this interview article, we hope it will encourage you to support more small local UK businesses. It will be even better if it inspires you to create your own business! There are many other Yorkshire Biz August businesses we have to introduce you. 

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