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Our family strives to curate and craft the best quality products as possible for families of the UK. We sincerely believe businesses are driven by the causes.

We are simply a couple who believe in a better world for the children and for their parents, one toy at a time.

Here, at The Rocking Horse Toy Shop we can offer you these:

Quality and unusual products that unite loving families

Sustainably sourced, sustainably operated

You will be making a purchase with zero carbon emissions! 

You can be part of something greater for society

You can be an advocate of sustainably sourced toys and imaginative play and learning

Loved by our customers: 5-star reviews throughout! 

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We specialise in quality rocking horses & other sustainable toys that are long lasting and unique

Support sustainably sourced products for our next generations

We offer payment plan options to help split your cost

Loved by our customers
5 star reviews galore


Quality and unusual products that unite loving families

Our carefully curated range of rocking horses & animals gives you great family heirlooms to pass on and share with siblings and relatives and make you feel proud to have in your home.

All traditional toys we source allow you to integrate them into your existing toy library to create limitless imaginative play and bonding time with your loved ones. 

You will be making a purchase with zero carbon emissions right to your doorstep! 

We’re delighted to announce we have joined JUST ONE Tree from March 2022. Climate change affects us all. Trees are an effective way to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

JUST ONE Tree, as a UK based company created by a mother singlehandedly, makes it easy for us all to do exactly that. For every order of £100 and above sold, we plant a tree with JUST ONE Tree. Together we can solve the problem.

After some quick calculations, we estimated that we need to plant 850 trees* each year to offset the carbon emissions from our operation and customer's shipping. Yes, we are covering YOUR carbon emissions as a customer.  

After checkout completion, you will also be offered a chance to offset your purchase, or simply help offset another online purchase you made somewhere by making an extra donation yourself. You can plant a tree for as little as £1 when donating to Just One Tree!

Find out more:

*the calculation is not verified by carbon emissions experts

Sustainably sourced, sustainably operated

We diligently source reliable suppliers to work with, those with greater transparency on their products. Many of them strive to reduce the use of plastic packaging, some use organic fabric and textile, some use sustainably sourced wood or FSC wood, or natural rubber, some use recycled plastic or polyester, even sugar-cane recyclable materials. We often support products created in fair trade environments.

As for us, we reuse packaging materials that are acquired in our operation, including cardboard boxes and filling materials. We resize existing boxes and create new boxes from scrapped cardboard and use as little plastic as possible.

We made the decision to offer non-permanent personalisation on many of our rocking horses & ride-on toys, because we want to allow the possibility of them to be passed on or sold on to others, without leaving a permanent name on the item.

We constantly explore new ways to create a further sustainable operation every day.

You can be part of something greater for society

We are a proud fundraising partner for two amazing charities that support parents who have recent losses of their little ones - Reflect and Miscarriage Association. I personally was supported by Reflect in Yorkshire during my difficult time of suffering my miscarriages. And Miscarriage Association offered a fantastic range of information and resources for me and my husband too.

Via our shop, we want to celebrate the mommies and daddies who are lucky to have their little ones healthily born to this beautiful world. But we also want to raise awareness for those who have found this journey much more difficult. No matter which situation you are in, you can help us support these great causes via a small donation during your purchase. Do come and speak to us more about how you can help and support!

You can be an advocate of sustainably sourced toys and imaginative play and learning

By supporting our shop you are sending a powerful message to your family and friends, you stand by an important cause - choosing sustainable items for your little ones for the sake of them and the environment.

For the items that are not quite yet fully made by sustainable materials, do consider making them last for as long as possible.

And rather than getting an electronic toy or a new game on your tablet to entertain your little ones, by purchasing from us, you open up the possibility to create so many unforgettable memories through spending quality time with your little ones with our toys.

Loved by our customers: 5-star reviews throughout!

When you browse our shop, you will see a host of excellent reviews from our customers across the nation. They are parents who are excited by the quality of our rocking horses and toys, grandparents who are proud gifters of unusual and sustainable toys to their grandchildren. As well as, gift seekers, like aunties and uncles, or friends of new mommies and daddies, who are impressed by the quality and range of our products.

You will see comments on our superb customer services, and we are open to listening and resolving any problems that you may have. Just send us an email and we’ll help you out!

See what people are saying! 

Educare University

Great Toy

This is a great toy for a child to keep them active and good hand coordination. Definitely worth purchasing and great company to deal with, Very efficient.

-- June A.

Educare University

Great fun! 

Got this for my 9 month old daughter. She really enjoys pushing the blocks. She plays with the hammer separately too and the colours are gorgeous. My older son has also had fun playing with it and teaching his little sister how to use it. Great buy!

-- Kelly

Educare University

Perfect order through delivery

Absolute beautiful horse my daughter is gonna love it!! Beautifully made! Arrived very well packaged. The company itself is easy and very friendly. Fantastic all round service. Thank you!!

-- Jade

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