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We are sick of harmful plastic and lack-of-human-touch technological toys.We recognise the necessity for quality-made, sustainably sourced toys for our next generations.

To our TRH community, our little ones deserve our care to choose the right products for them. Toys are not simply something you turn on to distract them and are not something that you throw away after a few use. 

By choosing high-quality integrative products that encourage human bonding and sharing, we help ensure they are long-lasting, safe, and can be part of the family legacy to create a lifetime of memories.

We invite you to join us.

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We specialise in quality rocking horses that are long lasting and unique

Support sustainably sourced products for our next generations

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Educare University

Great Toy

This is a great toy for a child to keep them active and good hand coordination. Definitely worth purchasing and great company to deal with, Very efficient.

-- June A.

Educare University

Great fun! 

Got this for my 9 month old daughter. She really enjoys pushing the blocks. She plays with the hammer separately too and the colours are gorgeous. My older son has also had fun playing with it and teaching his little sister how to use it. Great buy!

-- Kelly

Educare University

Perfect order through delivery

Absolute beautiful horse my daughter is gonna love it!! Beautifully made! Arrived very well packaged. The company itself is easy and very friendly. Fantastic all round service. Thank you!!

-- Jade

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