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MJ Mark Rocking Horse - Titan

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Product Description


1. Shipping surcharges on MJ Mark horses: due to the changes the couriers have applied to the shipping charges, our supplier has informed us that Northern Ireland, most addresses in Scotland including Highlands & Islands, and even some addresses in England are now attracting a surcharge. The surcharge could be between £10 and £80. We will contact our customers individually to notify them of the surcharge amount and will process your orders once you have paid the shipping surcharge. Please refer to our full shipping policy for details under iv. Extra Delivery Charges section. 

2. Due to the high demand in this gifting season, most of the MJ Mark rocking horses are likely to be low in stock or out of stock with our supplier. We were ensured that new stock will arrive for early December delivery. 



Titan rocking horse from MJ Marks is suitable for little ones aged 2-3 years plus. Your little one will create lots of magical memories with Titan - we all have that one very special toy we remember from our childhoods and Titan will be just that!

Built on a sturdy wooden frame with solid wooden rockers, Titan is beautifully handmade with carved wooden nose and soft padded saddle.

  • Age: suitable from 3 years to around 7 years old depending on their size
  • Supervised play with younger children is recommended to supervise and assist them during their play until they are old enough to manouver the rocking horse themselves
  • Weight limit: about 25 kg
  • Dimensions: L 105 x D 31 x H 79 cm
  • Seat height 60 cm
  • NOTE: mane and tail both are made out of polyester. It is a decorative element only. We do not recommend heavy brushing, pulling or playing with the mane or tail.
  • NOTE: The colour of the rocking rails may be slightly different from the photo shown as it depends on the available resources from the manufacturer at the time of production. A slightly different shade of brown may be used on the rails. 
  • NOTE: Unfortunately, we do not offer spare parts should any of your parts break/or wear out due to wear and tear as our supplier has no such capacity to assist. Please kindly use the item with care. However, faulty and missing parts upon product delivery arrival will be looked at so please kindly contact us if there are any such parts.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Janette G

Bought for a Christmas present . The quality and workmanship is amazing . Can’t wait to see the reaction when he’s opened .

Alexander Rice
Quality, what we hoped for. Speedy Delivery

We were hoping for a good quality product that would last years, not months, and that is what we have got.
very sturdy and lovely made, will bring smiles for a long time to come.
Although delivery was stated as around 10 working days, we received it within 3. very impressed.