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Fluff Horse Baby Soft Toy

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Product Description

Allow us to introduce you to this very special cuddly Fluff Horse. We're sure you'll love Fluff as much as we do and your little ones will make some really magical memories with her. 

Fluff is an endearing friend to cherish and love...

She comes with a rattle in her tummy and she's the perfect size for little hands to play with! Made with textured fabrics for touchy feely goodness!

Although you can take Fluff home as it is, Fae is also part of the package if you purchase our 9 month+ Pixie and Fluff Rocking Rose. You can find the horse here.

  • Dimensions: 12(L) x 5(W) x 10(H)cm
  • Cleaning Instructions: Sponge clean only, using mild detergent and warm water.