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The Rocking Horse Toy Shop


Reward Programme

Have you heard of our Reward Programme?

The ROcking Horse TOy Shop Point Reward Programme System


Simply log in to your account, to claim your reward. For every 250 points you have collected you can redeem for £1. The minimum amount of points you need to collect before you can redeem is 1000 points.

Reward Programme


How to SIGN UP

To sign up it's simple. Simply head to our website now and click on the REWARDS button on the bottom right hand corner. 

Sign up for our reward programme now

And click JOIN NOW to sign up!


Join our reward programme now



On the Reward Programme page, click SIGN IN after you have joined the programme and set up your account. 

Join our reward programme now

Login with your account details.


Sign in our Reward Programme


Once logged in, click back on the REWARD Programme icon

join reward programme

You will be able to see how many points you have got. 

The Rocking Horse Toy Shop Reward Programme



When you have reached the minimum amount of points required to claim your points (1000 points), you can login to your account and request a reward gift voucher. 

You will see that the REDEEM button will become available to click. Click on REDEEM

The Rocking Horse Reward Programme


Adjust the bar to decide how much you want to claim (if you have collected more points than the minimum requirement). Then click on REDEEM.

Redeem your reward

You will see a discount code is created for you. You can click on the COPY button or click on APPLY CODE to apply the code to your cart. 

claim your reward




Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I join the programme and claim my points of my purchase AFTER I placed an order? 

You can join the Reward Programme anytime you like. However, at the moment our system cannot recognise restrospective purchases. This means, if you join the programme AFTER you made a purchase, the reward programme cannot reward you with the points of the purchase. However, any future purchases will be recognised once you have signed up. 

2. What is counted for reward points in my purchase?

We offer points for your purchase amount, excluding discounts and VAT, minus any shipping cost that you paid for. 

3. When can I claim my reward?

The minimum amount of points you are required to collect before you can claim your rewards is 1000 pointsFor every 250 points you have collected you can redeem for £1.

4. Can I use a discount code with my reward coupon at the same time?

The reward coupon would be actually a discount code. So no, unfortunately, you cannot use a discount code on your purchase at the same time. You would have to decide which code you prefer to use for that purchase.

5. How do I log out of my account?

Use the LOGOUT button on the top right hand corner of the website (on the desktop). 

6. Will my points expire?

Currently due to technical limitation we cannot set an expiry date for your points. However, in the future when we can do so we would likely to. So please do not leave your points for too long before claiming your rewards.