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Coronavirus - Update on Our Services

and Our Contribution To the Key Workers

We are still open for business

We have been closely monitoring the Covid 19 Coronavirus situation in the past weeks. Here is a little update from us about our business.

1 Open as Usual 

As an online business, we don't have the worry of customers gathering inside a physical shop. We understand particularly, from today most school children are homebound, it is even more important for online businesses like us to keep operating to support our families in the country. If the situation changes we will inform you by email at the earliest convenience.

2 Safety of our delivery parcels

Public Health England (PHE) has advised that people receiving parcels are not at risk of contracting the coronavirus. It was advised that these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. This complements the highly publicised guidance from PHE for people to wash their hands more often than usual using soap and hot water. If you are slightly worried, you can also consider using wet wipes or cleaning spray and cloth to wipe the surfaces of the packaging before opening them. 

3 Supply of our products 

At the time this email is written, there have yet been any indications from our main suppliers on any closure of their businesses due to the disease. We, of course, will keep a close eye on it and update you if anything changes. 

However, if products are out of stock with the supplier, there is a high chance that the stock will not be able to be refilled soon due to the situation in China and Asia, which affects the shipping durations and practices across the globe.

If there is any item you ordered that we can't fulfil within 1-2 weeks, and if the items are not specifically stated as 'pre-order' items on the product pages, we will be in touch to issue you a refund on the products that we can't fulfil.

4 Delivery duration 

Here are some of the updates from the main couriers we use: Parcel Force and Royal Mail. Hermes UK seems to be operating as normal. Please understand the duration for delivery may take longer than our normal suggested durations.

We still strive for the fastest delivery possible for all orders. However, I think we have all come to realise during this hard time, it is a wonderful virtue to just be a little bit patient. As we all appreciate how these supermen and women are helping us deliver our goods to millions of families in this country. Our team thanks you for your understanding and patience.

Teepee sets at the moment may require the longest dispatch and delivery time, please refer to our explanation within our Delivery and Return page.

5 Doing our part for the Key Workers

If you are part of the Key Workers who are working to keep this nation going, we salute you and would like to help out with a little gesture. On orders lower than £50, we are happy to reimburse you with the shipping cost, should you contact us via email and provide proof of your work status. 

We truly appreciate the hard work done by people who work for places such as NHS and medical institutions, social care, emergency departments, police, fire department, the army, schools, pharmacists and GPs, delivery, supermarkets and so on. Please refer to the government site for details. 

If you are one of these superheroes, upon your purchase, please send us a picture of your staff ID card, or other proof documents to our email to claim your delivery charge back.  

6 Our urge to all of us

We urge everyone to respect the advice from the government about the 'social distancing' practice. This is a crucial part to help minimise the impact of this virus on our nation. Just an extra two steps away from the people before and after you in a supermarket queue can make a big difference. Don't think because we don't show symptoms we won't pass it on to someone. You may already be a carrier without any symptoms at all. 

Also, our elderly are a generation that created what we all have now. As much as we love them, we need to help enforce a little physical distance with them if we want them to be with us for much longer years. 

Let's do our own part to keep this virus away from all of us as soon as possible. 

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Stay safe!