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We are excited to announce we are now a partner of Clearpay* to offer you a seamless checkout experience to create a payment plan for your purchases.

 “T&Cs apply. 18s+. Subject to status and other eligibility criteria. UK residents only (excl Channel Islands). Clearpay Finance Limited. For complete terms, visit


1. How does it work?

As explained in the image below, you can purchase goods from us, and pay via four instalments with 2 weeks between each payment taken out from your payment card. It can be a debit or credit card. There is no credit check involved in this process, so it will not affect your credit score. 

2. How many months can I spread my payments out for?

As explained above, you will set up a payment plan with Clearpay, for a 4-instalment plan. When you create the order, you will pay the first 25% of the total amount. Then every 2 weeks after, you will be charged for another 25% of the total until you cleared your balance. 

3. What can I order?

The beauty of this is, you can order anything! (with a minimum of £10 spend) 


4. When will I get my goods?

Once you have completed the order, and set up the payment plan with Clearpay, we will be able to send you the items straightaway! You don't have to wait until you settled the final balance anymore. This is one of the main reasons why we decided to partner with Clearpay. We will be able to send you the item within the normal shipping duration, but you can spread your cost over 2 monthly salary pays! 


5. Can I use your discount codes with the order?

Previously, with, it is not possible for customers to use discount codes during payment plan process. With Clearpay, this problem is now resolved. 

You CAN enter a discount code that is applicable to your cart, and should still be able to use Clearpay to set up your payment plan! 


6. Can I return my item?

Please refer to our general return policy about this question. 


7. How exactly do I set up the payment plan? 

Step One - You will be able to see how much each instalment you need to pay on the product pages on which the products are entitled for Clearpay plans. 
Like this
Product Page Clear Pay

Step Two - You will add the items into your cart as usual. You can add multiple items within the same cart to make sure your order is above the £10 minimum spend requirement. 

Step Three - When you go to see your cart, you will also see the instalment amounts on the bottom right of the cart page. 

Cart page Clearpay

Step Four - Click Checkout and enter all of the required details as usual. When you arrive the PAYMENT Page (like the screenshot below), you can select Clearpay option. Don't forget you can still use any discount code at this stage. Once you have completed the information required on this page, click COMPLETE ORDER in the bottom, then you will be directed to Clearpay portal to create an account to set up your payment plan. 

Payment page Clearpay

Step Five - Simply follow the instructions given by Clearpay, and complete the payment plan and your first instalment.
It will also create an order with our store at the same time, which should also initiate an automated order confirmation email. 

If you have any questions please email


8. What if I would like an alternative payment plan option? And what if I don't need the item until I finish my payment plan? 

In terms of automatic payment plan options, Clearpay will be the only provider we use. 

However, if you do not require your item to be sent to you at the time of your order, and are happy to wait until your full payment is settled, we are happy to help cater to your preference.

Before you make any purchase, please kindly contact us via email:

We can organise an invoice manually to be sent to your email, and your order details will be shown on the invoice. We can decide on your payment term based on practicality and your preference. You are required to pay for your first payment instantly via Bank Transfer (BACS) and pay the rest according to the agreed plan with us. 

Since this is a manual process, there will be no automatic reminders to be sent to you, nor any automatic payment will be taken from your bank. 

You will need to keep track of your payment plan, and make sure you transfer money to our bank at agreed time every month. Or you can create a standing order from your end to organise subsequent payments to be paid on the agreed date every month. 

If you select to use this alternative option, your item will ONLY be dispatched once your full balance is settled, according to our normal shipping duration.