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The Rocking Horse Toy Shop


Rocking Horses for Babies of 1 Year Old plus

These baby rocking horses are perfect for modern, neutral, simple, or even farmhouse and country-styled nurseries and playrooms for every family for their newborn babies. 

The Rocking Horse Toy Shop offers free personalisation on these rocking horses & animals. The most popular model is Celeste & Fae Rocking Unicorn. Our heritage stable collection, such as Stirling & Mae Rocking Horse also captures many parents' hearts when they are looking for traditional looking rocking horses. 

The rocking horses and unicorn come with a little cuddly buddy which is also a baby rattle suitable for babies of 6 months plus. There are also a couple of rocking animals who want to befriend your 9 months old! 

Designed in Yorkshire UK, the toys are made with the highest level of standard in mind. 

Create imaginations

The toys have the ability to capture a child's imagination and encourage explorative play. That's why these rocking animals have carefully considered interactive features that stimulate and encourage free play, rather than dictate it. 

Care for the earth

Every effort is made to minimise the use of plastic packaging or plastic bags, favouring biodegradable cardboard and tissue paper. So where we can make a difference, we will.

Built to last

Toys today seem to last only as long as a child's attention span before they break or wear out! We believe in toys that are built to last. That's why our toys are made to the highest quality. Not just for a few hours, but for years of fun!