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Coloured Train Letters & Engine Sets


Product Description

These personalised coloured wooden train names make a perfect gift for a new baby, Christening occasions, and they simply look lovely on a shelf or window ledge. They are also great for slightly older children to play with too!

To complete your purchase, select each letter/item individually with the number of that item required selected, click ADD TO CART, then continue to do the same for the rest of the required letters and components.

A full train normally requires the letters of the name, plus an Engine set. Our engine set will include the Engine carriage and the end carriage for your letter train. 

*NOTE: There are currently two slightly different styles of train names and carriages. Please see individual images for the difference. We will randomly pick from our stock as the difference is slight. 

We also do wooden letters, which you can find here. And you can certainly mix and match the two types of letters for a change.

  • Beautifully gift wrapped as standard
  • Choose the number of letters you need
  • Select the type of train engine sets you want (wooden, coloured, red & blue, or green & petrol), or for a child who likes unicorns, we have the Unicorn & Carriage Set as well - see images for details
  • You can now get the Train Track Parts to create a partial or full circle track to make it a proper train set toy! For example, you can see from the photos, 3 parts can take up to 4-5 letters plus the engine set, 4 parts can take up to 6-7 letters plus the engine set. If you want a full circle track you will need 8 parts to construct it. 
  • You can also select the Trailer Carriage as a placeholder, or a hyphen in a name (Wooden or Coloured-red)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Outstanding Customer Service!

Can I just say, this company’s customer service is unlike any other! They bent over backwards for me when they didn’t have to, leaving me one VERY happy customer! The quality of this product is amazing too, it looks beautiful, very well made, not flimsy in the slightest, vibrant colours — a perfect addition to any nursery!

Asa Davies

Coloured Train Letters & Engine Sets

Melanie Burnay
Little train

Loved it very well made with beautiful colours