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Our Payment Plan 2020 is Now Open!

We use the app to help capture your monthly instalment. 

1. How does it work?

At The Rocking Horse Toy Shop, you can select all of your wanted items for your little ones and instead of settling the balance straight away, you can select to pay via our payment plan option. 

You can pick everything you want from our shop, including the GIFT CARDs. So if you don't know exactly what you want to choose at the time of purchase, you can purchase yourself a gift card via payment plans as well. 
All orders with a total of £80 or more will be eligible for a payment plan. When setting up your payment plan, a deposit of 15% will be required

Discounted items will still allow you to purchase via Unfortunately, discount codes will not work with plans. 
Pricing of your purchased items will be locked when you entered the payment plan and will not change or be negotiable. 

2. How many months can I spread my payments out for?

You are required to first pay for 15% of your total order amount when setting up your payment plan. It is flexible for you to choose the amount of months you want to spread the cost of the order for. You can also decide how often your money is charged (it can be charged every 1-4 weeks). Each repayment will be taken automatically from your payment card as you have decided. 

We aim for finalising the payments by end of October to November time every year for you to enjoy the repaid order for Christmas. We will adjust the maximum amount of months you can spread out your payment based on how far along in the year we are. 

3. What can I order?

You can order anything on offer on our website. We will try to secure what you order as soon as possible, and will confirm when your balance is fully settled. In the event of your ordered item(s) cannot be delivered due to being out of stock, we will more than happy for you to choose other items and either we refund the difference or you can pay for the difference if you order something at a higher value than your original order. Or we can switch your ordered items into a gift card for you to use in the future. 


4. Can I cancel my payment plan or my order?

Once you have set up the payment plan, you have entered the contract with us to agree to pay for the full amount of the items you ordered. 

Orders can only be cancelled with our discretion, which will be judged on case by case basis. However, all payments made up to the point that you request for the cancellation will not be refundable. 


5. How exactly do I set up the payment plan? 

Step One - Put all items that you would like to order in your cart. If you are not sure what to order, you can order our gift card, or a combination of items and gift card in your payment plan order. 

Step Two - Go into your Shopping Cart, and click on the blue button in the bottom of your shopping cart. 

Step Three - Register a new account with by clicking on the 'register for one here' link. If you have used before, simply login with your account details.

Payment Plan Explanation - The Rocking Horse 2

Step Four - Enter your details as instructed. Your shopping cart is visible on the right hand side in the whole process. Please enter a phone number as well as your email address in case we need to contact you regarding your order and delivery. 

Payment Plan Explanation - The Rocking Horse 3

Step Five - Scroll down to the second half of the form, complete the required information, and you will see our shipping option visible like below. When completed your shipping information, click CONTINUE TO PLAN TERMS

Payment Plan Explanation - The Rocking Horse 4

Step Six - Here is where you can decide your payment terms. First, on the left hand side, you can use the arrow to adjust up and down the Duration - i.e. the amount of months you want to spread the cost among.
Second, you can select the Frequency of payments (every 1 to 4 weeks) you want to be charged for on the right hand side. 

We will regularly adjust the maximum amount of months customers can select as we go further along into the year in order to have our payment plans finished by end of November.

You will also see how much you are required to pay today, and how much will be taken in the following months as you adjust the amount of months you want to pay for. Once finished selecting your terms, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Step Seven - Here is where you will enter your payment card details. Please read through the terms of using, and tick the box to agree with the terms of use. 

Once you are happy with the settings, click PROCESS DOWN PAYMENT

Payment Plan Explanation - The Rocking Horse 7

Step Eight - you should be sent an email or notification to confirm your deposit / down payment being processed. It will also create an order with our store at the same time, which should also initiate an automated order confirmation email. Please understand your orders will not be dispatched until the full amount is settled. 

If you'd like any more information please email