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MJ Mark Rocking Horse - Titan

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Product Description


Titan rocking horse from MJ Marks is suitable for little ones aged 2-3 years plus. Your little one will create lots of magical memories with Titan - we all have that one very special toy we remember from our childhoods and Titan will be just that!

Built on a sturdy wooden frame with solid wooden rockers, Titan is beautifully handmade with carved wooden nose and soft padded saddle.

  • Age: suitable from 3 years to around 7 years old depending on their size
  • Supervised play with younger children is recommended to supervise and assist them during their play until they are old enough to manouver the rocking horse themselves
  • Weight limit: about 25 kg
  • Dimensions: L 105 x D 31 x H 79 cm
  • Seat height 60 cm
  • NOTE: mane and tail both are made out of polyester. It is a decorative element only. We do not recommend heavy brushing, pulling or playing with the mane or tail.
  • NOTE: The colour of the rocking rails may be slightly different from the photo shown as it depends on the available resources from the manufacturer at the time of production. A slightly different shade of brown may be used on the rails.