Our Shop Ambassador Programme (SAP)

We are inviting new SA (shop ambassadors) to help us spread the word about our shop. If you are dying for bigger discounts (and commissions) to help buy your babies' toys, inspired to support UK and other quality less-heard-of toy brands, sick of plastic and electric toys, and feeling responsible to seek sustainable and fair-trade products for your kids, you are at the right place!

Basically you would be spreading the word about The Rocking Horse Toy Shop everywhere you go! School, work (gross), holidays, online, friends’ and family gatherings, parent groups etc.....

As you know, we are not a product brand, so we are not looking for just brand ambassadors. We are looking for people who would encourage others to buy from our shop, rather than from other retailers for the same products.

Your Key Benefits

Discounts on orders

Minimum order amount £20

*We promise we will offer you the biggest discount at the time of your purchase. The information is standard except for any seasonal changes which we will inform you about

All orders need to be placed directly to us and we will create the order for you manually.

First month of joining SAP
If pay in full: 35% discount
If pay via Clearpay: 30% discount
Same postage cost as normal orders

Subsequent months
If pay in full: 30% discount
If pay via Clearpay: 25% discount
Same postage cost as normal orders 

Discounts will be applied on all ORIGINAL PRICES of the items

Commissions on your referred orders

As a thank you for your promotion effort, we will offer you a small commission of 5% of the total sales recorded via your designated affiliate link

- the commission is recognised AFTER any discounts subtracted
- any amounts resulted in refund and/or returns will not be counted
- shipping cost is not included

PAYABLE in the form of a Gift Card / Voucher

By the end of every month, we will start processing your commissions due to you and pay in the form of a gift voucher.
For example, if you attracted £100 of sales in March, we will process your commission on or soon after 30 April, to allow time for any potential refunds or returns

If the commissions hasn't reached £5, the sales amount can be rolled over to the following month. Maximum number of months for rolling over your referred sale amount is 3. For example, if you only attracted £30 in March and £40 in April, the £30 can be carried over until end of June, and the £40 can be carried over until end of July before they expire. 
If the commission due to you is over £5 but under the next £5 (e.g. £8.50), we will issue the gift card for the actual amount (e.g. £8.50). As long as you reach a minimum of £5 we will process your commission accordingly. 

Blogging and Vlogging & Social Media exposure

For the Bloggers and Vloggers
We will invite you to guest blog on our shop blog, newsletters, and Youtube channel.  We will share your blog posts on our pages as well. 

We'd appreciate if you write about our shop and products, in which you can put your affiliate link and discount codes to help generate sales. However, we are also happy to share any useful posts and videos you create on our social media channels.

Social Media Exposure
There are numerous possibilities for us to work together to help each other to gain exposure to new audience and new followers.

- Help us promote our giveaways and competitions
- Run giveaways (with our gifted items) with a small group of fellow SAs to help each other gain followers
- We will help share your posts or pins or stories
- and anything else we can think of collaborating together! 

Other Benefits 

First dip in pre-ordering new products
We will give you the first opportunity to pre-order from our new product lines when available. 

Give us a voice in shaping our future
As our loyal customers, we would appreciate your feedback in various areas to help shape our future direction in areas such as:
- Shop user experience
- Shop layout and styling
- Shop features and facilities (such as payment plans and other features)
- Product lines and products to be sold
We will conduct various surveys, quick poll questions, video chats and catch ups for us to gather your feedback and ideas! 

Many other benefits to come as we grow this community together! 

What we expect from you

Store image

Instagram & Facebook

These two social media channels are the key channels that we use. We appreciate your effort to regularly post content about our shop, our products, and our current offers. 

It will be great if you can post more than once a week. 
However, once every week or other week is acceptable given when there is time to push for more sales (such as school holidays, Easters, Christmas) you will help post more than once a week.

A balance between the number of stories and posts will be appreciated. That means it shouldn't be always stories, or always just a post. There should be a good balance and even combination of both when it sees fit. 

Your content is not expected to be salesy every time. We don't want to restrict how you should create your content as we trust you as a competent influencer (micro or macro). But when you are highlighting good things about our products, it simply makes sense to persuade them to buy from us.

LINK to our shop pages: 

We would expect that every time when you are talking about our products, and any features about our shop, you would link them to our shop pages.
Tagging our social media profiles will help your readers find us and follow us. 
You can also use your designated affiliate link to record any potential sales coming from these traffic you generate.
Use a short link generator like bit.ly to help generate a shorter link for your posts.

Pinterest, Youtube

We have an account on these two channels. However, it is still in the development phase.

Please do follow us if you are using these channels. When we have content to post, please share to others as we would expect you would do with other social media channels. 

For Pinterest, we are happy to share your pins once we have developed our page more later in the year. 

As explained above, we would like to invite bloggers to guest blog on our shop blog. We would also invite you to help with our newsletters as well. We will definitely help backlink to your own blog to help generate high quality traffic to your blog. 

When you create a blog post in your blog for us, we would appreciate back link within your articles in multiple sections and places to our shop pages.

Your affiliate link
We would expect that every time when you are talking about our products, and any features about our shop, you would link them to our shop pages. This is where you can use your designated affiliate link to record any potential sales coming from these traffic you generate.

Store image

A note on your created content

As part of the SA agreement, you are expected to grant us permission to access your original photos, videos and wordings to use for promotional purposes. Only those that are related to our shop and our products are of our interest. We won't infringe your other creatives!

As much as possible we won't have to ask you to send us these files directly, if we can extract the files ourselves from your original stories or posts. However, if you have better quality files (like videos) to share outside the original posts / stories, please send us a copy either by posting them in our Facebook group, or directly via email using Wetransfer. You can share up to 2 gb of files for free each time, not having to create an account by using Wetransfer. 

What products to talk about

In a nutshell, we do not make any particular items compulsory for you to review or purchase. 
Of course, whenever there is a new product line, or promotions on certain products coming on, it will be helpful if you can help promote them. You are not expected to buy everything as long as you can naturally create great content to generate sales.

However, we want to build a long term relationship with you. So we would like to expect you as our loyal and returning customer who will purchase items (even smaller ones) for your little ones from us. This is the whole purpose of this programme, is by giving you huge discounts, and commissions, and other great benefits, it will be able to help you eliminate the worry about budgeting for toys and gifts. The more sales you help generate, you will get more monetary supplement to buy your little ones' next toys. 

We expect when you are looking for the toys that our shop advocates and sells, you would consider us and prefer us as your provider of these toys. As you know, we support traditional toys and wooden toys, or toys with sustainable materials. And we try to source from quality brands, including UK brands, as much as possible from eco-conscious and ethically-conscious suppliers. So if you have a similar ethical belief, you can shop with us with confidence. 

And don't forget, because you are our exclusive group of SAs, you will get to give us feedback and ideas on what products to source, and what may work and what may not work. So we want to provide products that not only support our ethics, but also fulfill your need as a parent. By doing so, we hope it means we can help fulfill the needs of other parents that you will help promote to too. 

We will evolve as we grow together

This is just the beginning

Facebook: @rockinghorsebowness
Instagram: @rockinghorsebowness
Youtube: The Rocking Horse (channel creation under process)
Pinterest: therockinghorsetoyshop (under development)  

Email: hello@rockinghorsebowness.co.uk

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