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Teepee Set Up Instructions

If you have purchased one of the Teepee sets (that includes quilt, lights, and buntings) you can refer to this simply step-by-step guide to help you set up the Teepee for your little ones. 

First, here are what you should get in the pack:

Quilt x 1 ; Poles x 12 ; Canvas Cotton Teepee x 1; White Plastic holding tubes x 8; bunting x 1; fairy light set x 1


So, first, you need to use the White Plastic tubes to connect the wooden poles to make them into 4 long poles.
We have discovered, to make the poles easily fit into the teepee cover, it is better to take off the top and botton screws. 
Connect three wooden poles together and make 4 long poles. Make sure the top of each long poles has a hole so that you can bind them together later. 


Stuff the 4 long poles into the 4 holes in the Teepee Cotton cover, all the way from the top to the bottom of the cotton cover until the poles come out in the other ends. 


Spread the four poles out in four directions, and use the strings from the top of the Teepee cover to bind them together. There is no one way of doing it but best to thread the string through the holes to help consolidate the binding. 


Fit the rest of the fittings (lights, buntings, and quilt). And there you are!