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Top 40 Best Sustainable Wooden Toys for 3 years old

Top 40 Best Sustainable Wooden Toys for 3 years old

Top 40 Best Sustainable Wooden Toys for 3 years old

We have always been an advocate of ethical, and sustainably made toys. At our baby and toddler toy shop, you can confidently find items that are made from sustainable sources, particularly our wooden toy ranges. Below are the best sustainable wooden toys from 2020 that we have on offer, and we will constantly update this article as we change our products in the future! 

These items will be perfect gifts for your little ones’ birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and summer holiday! 

Many are from UK brands and designs so you can shop with confidence. You will find in this article, our recommendation for some of the best sustainable wooden toy types and items for 3 years old plus toddlers and children. 

Shop our full range of sustainable wooden toys for 3 years old plus here.

Top 40 best Wooden Toys for 3 years old

What are sustainable wooden toys

Just to clarify, you don’t have to buy only wooden toys if you want sustainable toys.  It also doesn’t mean all wooden toys are sustainable. Our wooden toy collection stocks mainly items made from sustainable sources. 

There are two types of wood materials can be considered as more sustainable than other wooden toys:

  1. FSC Certified Wood
  2. Responsibly sourced wood
  3. Reclaimed Wood

See our article that talks about FSC certified wooden toys.

And you can read more about what reclaimed wood means in our article here.  

Here’s our pick of the best sustainable wooden toys for 18 months old and over.


We have a few wooden vehicles toy items that capture our little ones’ hearts, from building a construction site, a racing grand prix, a farm, to being a little fire or ambulance officers, our vehicle toys allow them to create a small world with their imagination. 

Here are a few highlights for you to consider.


1. Construction Site

As one of our biggest sellers in the wooden toy collection, this item presents a collection of construction vehicles, including dump truck, front loader, excavation digger, crane truck, road roller. All with moving parts and painted in realistic and contemporary colours. Standard wheel width fits on all train track.

Review from our customer:

"Beautifully made construction vehicles. Excellent detail. The tipper does really tip, the crane swings etc etc . Our sons and daughters have hours of fun . Made of solid wood. Painted amazing."

Construction Site


2. Tractor and Trailer

A traditional style red tractor and detachable trailer set, with donkey, sheep, and removable peg driver.

Tractor and Trailer


3. Racing Grand Prix

Here we have a cardboard carry case and scene printed inside with our beautiful colours which include a hard and durable puzzle race track, three wooden cars featuring our classic Studio Circus characters and a finishing arch way- what more could a little boy or girl need!

Review from our customer: 

"Bought this for my little boys 2nd birthday and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The craftsmanship is brilliant and everything is really sturdy. Thank you for making a little boys birthday even more special!"

Racing Grand Prix


4. Fire Engine

This bright fire engine has an unrolling hose and a natural wood extending arm to take the 4 firemen to dizzying heights to fight fires or rescue a kitten!

Includes lots of accessories which can be carried inside the body of the engine.

This is a very elaborated toy with great details for a little fire person to be part of their rescue mission! 

Fire Engine


5. Emergency Vehicles

Three solid wood emergency vehicles, fire engine, police car and ambulance, all with removable peg people.

Includes such a variety of emergency vehicles and peg people, this toy is certainly value for its money to allow unlimited imagination in their small world of saving the world! 

Emergency Vehicles

6. Tow Truck

A traditional style tow truck  and detachable blue car, with 2 removable peg drivers.


7. Modern Wooden Garage

The ultimate classic wooden garage for hours of play. 

It includes two cool cars and one helicopter. In the garage, children can find areas to park cars and drive around following the arrows like a real garage. 

The transparent elevator can lift cars between different floors! 

Unlimited ways to play means this toy helps children develop social skills, motor skills and story telling abilities.

Modern Garage

Tea Party

Having a mini tea party with their dolls, stuff toys, and their friends is something many boys and girls would love to do at this very cute age. We have a few tea set toys that would be perfect for this little tea party they are throwing for you!


8. Flower Party Tea Set

A Pretty Flower tea party wooden toy set. Perfect for dolly's tea parties, this delightfully pretty floral tea set encourages imaginative play. The set includes a tea tray, nine tea set pieces and two wooden cupcakes. With removable tea pot and sugar bowl lid to give the tea party a realistic feel.

Flower Tea Set

9. Afternoon Tea Stand

A two tier stand full of delicious treats ready to serve! 4 cup cakes, 1 jam tart and 1 biscuit to serve to your friends with their afternoon tea.

Afternoon Tea Set


10. Birdie Tea Set

A romantic wooden tea set featuring a pretty bird motif on the saucers and the side of a solid wood teapot.

A pretty cupcake and tea bag, 2 cups and saucers and 2 teaspoons, as well as a milk jug. All presented on a round tray.

Perfect companion with our Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand with delicious high tea desserts.

Birdie Tea Party Set


11. Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand

A ham or cucumber sandwich, a lemon meringue pie, a chocolate roll, a slice of victoria sponge, an apple fancy, or 2 cupcakes?

Perfectly goes with our Birdie Tea Set

Birdie Afternoon Tea Stand


12. Dessert Stand Afternoon Tea Cake Set

Children will love this pretend play cake stand to play shops or just to introduce to their tea party!

Dessert Stand



We all love to bring our children to farms to see and experience farmyard animals’ lives. As an educational toy as well as a small world imaginative play toy, consider these sustainable wooden toys within the ‘farm’ theme for your 3 years old and plus.


13. Stacking Farmyard

Wooden Farmyard Stacking Toys – Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers 3 years old. 10 popular farmyard animals for pretend play and storytelling in their small world of their own farm.

Stacking Farmyard


14. Chicken Coop

Introducing the sweetest chicken coop that will take over your garden space!

A sweet wooden chicken coop and family, a roster, 2 hens, a little chick, freshly laid eggs, 2 nests and a feeding trough.

Review from our customer:

"Our granddaughter hadn't opened this yet, but I had a peak & it looks amazing! Coop is solid & well made - just like the real one in the garden. Perfect for little fingers to play with! Quick delivery & well packed."

Chicken Coop


15. The Stables

This working stable is perfect for grooming the ponies, with a brush, and 2 blankets. Feed the ponies with a bale of hay and a nose bag.

Keep it all neat and tidy with the bucket, spade and broom, which can be hung up on some hooks on the inside wall.

The Stables


(As seen above) Tractor and Trailer


16. Little Barn Set

A portable farmyard barn with 2 illustrated farm baseboards, Mr and Mrs Farmer,a pig, hen,cow, lamb, duck, A windmill, hay bale and trough, Corn, pumpkins, an apple tree, a bee hive and a tractor.

Made from sustainable rubberwood and plywood coloured with soft non-toxic waterstain for a contemporary style.

Little Barn Set


Dolls House

We have a great selection of dolls houses and dolls house characters. Many of these houses come with furniture so you don’t need to spend extra to buy them! It is such a great small world imaginative creative play toy, that encourages sharing and caring quality! 


17. Dolls House Set (with furniture and dollies)

A delightful portable wooden dolls house with 2 wooden characters, bedside table and 2 lamps, table with 2 chairs and a sofa, a garden table with 2 flowers, 2 trees, a vegetable patch and window box. Change the back of the house in to a wonderful garden.

Made from sustainable rubberwood and responsibly sourced plywood, coloured with soft non-toxic colours for a contemporary style.

This is a smaller scale and simpler style of a basic doll house. Good for travelling with as it folds up easier for carrying.

Little Dolls House Set


18. Cottontail Cottage (with furniture)

The Cottontail Cottage Dolls House may just be the your idea of a perfect home!

This gorgeous wooden dolls house brings traditional play right into the heart of the home with everything you need to get started. The rather grand detatched cottage is a playground for rabbits, who feature on the front of the house and are also looked after with a big bowl of carrots to keep them happy. With a stylish room in the roof and a front that hinges open to reveal all the life inside, this is a perfect place for children to tell stories and create their own little world of characters.

Cottontail Cottage


19. Foxtail Villa (with furniture)

Shortlisted for the prestigious Junior Design Awards 2019!

The Foxtail Villa Dolls House – a grand town house full of stories!

The neighbours are going to be jealous! This town house is very impressive... A large, wooden dolls house full stylish furniture – it is sure to turn heads! But, as well as beautiful rooms to explore, this house has a very loyal friend – a fox lives in the garden and is very welcome, we have even named the house after him.Opening up to reveal a two story house, with plenty of room in the roof space to grow, this is a perfect little world to inhabit, invent stories in and just see what happens next!



20. The Leaf Family

A gorgeous solid set of wood dolls scaled for our dolls houses. They are made from solid wood and make the perfect addition to our dolls houses  as well.

The Leaf Family


21. Sunny Doll Family

Meet the Sunny Doll family! Mummy, Daddy, little boy and little girl, who are perfectly sized to live in any of our dolls houses…..Great toys for educational purposes to discuss inclusion of different races and colours.

Sunny Doll Family


22. Noah’s Ark

This is such a classic when it comes to wooden toys. We have an ultimate Noah’s ark just for your little one to learn about the greatest bible story! 

Introducing this earth-friendly ark designed to celebrate the natural world! 

The ark has a wide opening door on one side as well as a top hatch that lifts to reveal a double-deck interior. One end slides out to allow easy access to all the animals, and a ladder made it easy for them to climb in two by two. There is even a small window in the roof for those tall giraffes! 

Mr. and Mrs Noah have collected 10 pairs of animals, can you tell which are the boys and the girls?

Review from our customer:

"Excellent service and quality of toys are just brilliant. Toy came on time service excellent"

Noahs Ark


23. Jumini Tool Box Construction Set 20 Pieces

This fabulous wooden tool box and construction set comes with all the basic tools you would expect, as well as lots of nuts and bolts to enable the little workman (or woman) to join pieces of wood together and create things.  An ideal toy to keep them busy around the house!

Tool Box


24. Carpenter Wooden Toolbox Toys for 3 years old

This small Carpenter Set will help your child develop concentration and fine motor skills with the 'on-the-go' set. Your child will learn to identify tools and how to use them, create seperate structures or attach pieces to the side of the toolbox.

Carpenter Tool Box

25. Tenderleaf Tool Bench

    The design is simply beautiful! The wooden tools are all safe to use from 3+, but it is the range and scale of them that will really make the difference and bring the play world to life.

    There are 18 pieces included in the set, including a saw, hammer, drill, circular saw, measuring table and clamp. Just like a grown up work area, the pieces slot into their own spaces and can be used to get on with your own project. The bench has a really sturdy construction and a tray at the bottom to keep all the projects in one place. There is a separate small tool box that can removed so that your little one can get on with projects in other parts of the house!

    Tenderleaf Tool bench


    26. Orange Wooden Tool Bench – Toddler workbench for 3 years old

      The Classic World Tool Bench is the perfect size for little carpenters! It includes a variety of tools; hammers, a wrench, pliers, nuts, bolts and a phone to take those oh so important DIY jobs. Children will practice and develop building skills as they develop concentration and fine motor skills. 


      It is without a doubt that our little ones love to imitate their grown ups. Pretending they are cooking the feast of their life and makng therest toasts and coffee in the world is certainly a delightful role play experience for them, not to mention the educational opportunity there is when playing with theses toys. 


      27. Pop Up Kitchenette

        Cooking on the go! 

        A hob and dial with waterproof sink,hot and cold tap, salt and pepper pots, 2 wooden utensils,a wooden pan with fried egg, a fabric pot holder and a removable, slide away back panel, fully portable.

        Pop Up Kitchenette


        28. Foldaway Kitchenette

          Very similar to Pop Up Kitchenette, simply with a slightly different colour theme and look. 

          A portable fold away kitchenette with hob and clacking dial, and a pretty clock with moving hands helps teach how to tell the time. Included are 2 wooden utensils, a potholder, a pan to flip a pancake, strawberry and lemon slices, a mint leaf as well as a honey and a chocolate pot. 

          Wash it all up in the waterproof sink, with wooden tap and pack it all away?


          29. Chef Kitchen Set

            With this multi-functional modern kitchen your child will learn how to cook like a Michelin chef! Clearn white coloured based modern looking kitchen!

            This kitchen is big enough for friends to play together happily, developing their communication skills. Different accessories are included to foster easy and fun role play; food for washing, cutting and cooking, cooking utensils, and salt and pepper to add flavour.

            Chef Kitchen Set


            30. Toaster Set

              This toaster set is complete with toast, butter, plates, knives and a little jam pot. The perfect set to complete any kitchen set up. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all.

              Toaster Set


              31. Home Kitchen

                A stylish and contemporary looking kitchen with an oven, 2 hobs, a butler's sink with double taps, and an integral cupboard with doors. Included in this set are a solid wood white kettle, 2 cups and saucers 3 utensils and utensil holder, a printed gingham tea towel, a soap, a slicing baguette, and an oven tray that can also be used to cover the sink area and provide an extra work surface for pretend play.

                Home Kitchen


                32. Bird’s Nest Cafe

                  Do you want to own your coffee shop and be a proper Barista? Welcome to the Bird's Nest Cafe where you can play with all of these!

                  Panini toaster

                  5 different coloured pods

                  2 clacking dials

                  Milk jug & steamer spout

                  2 cups, 2 plates, 1 potholder

                  Knife, fork, spoon

                  Sugar cubes and chocolate shaker

                  2 coffee discs & 3 different toppings

                  3 flavoured tea bags in fabric packs

                  1 sandwich, 2 paninis, 3 pastries  & 2 cupcakes

                  Bird Nest Cafe



                  Going to space as an astronaut is many of our childhood dream job! 

                  Why not consider these rockets to take your little one to the moon!


                  33. Galaxy Magblog

                  A set of 12 space themed magnetic blocks, made from solid rubber wood and concealed multi directional magnets ensuring there is always positive attraction and no repelling. Included in this set is a stylish and colourful drawstring bag to keep all the blocks safe.

                  Galaxy Block


                  34. Cosmic Rocket Set

                    The wooden rocket is ready to be launched! The Cosmic Rocket set has everything your child needs to explore the galaxy. Prepare to land on a new planet with space shuttles and satellites! A great toy to create an interest for astrology, science and imaginative role play.

                    Cosmic Rocket Set

                    35. Wooden Rocket Ship

                      This wooden rocket perfectly combines construction and role play into one. 

                      There are 12 different themed rooms inside this rocket ranging from bedrooms, operation rooms, laboratories and so much more. 

                      Use the little wooden accessories and characters to let imaginations run wild. 

                      Completely enclose the rooms ready for lift off by screwing the beautiful solid wooden screws into each panel. When finished closing the rocket, simply pop the screwdriver into the top of the rocket to finish off the build!

                      Wooden Rocket Ship


                      Portable Toys

                      Many of you would probably struggle to pack your little one’s toys when you go away on holiday. Or simply want to take a few small items to play with at grandma’s on the weekend, or at a play date? These portable toys are certainly your friends - some are packed away, foldaway, or with a handle for you to easily take these play items with them on your next trip out.

                      Some are already introduced above, but you can also get their link below. 


                      36. London Story Bag

                        All you need to create a London town adventure contained in an exciting printed landscape and bag. Open the bag, lay it flat and tell us some tall tales with the Queen, London bus, Royal Guard, Lion and Police woman.

                        This is perfect for carrying it around when you are out as a family or for a play date.

                        London Story Bag

                        37. Circus Stacker

                          A retro inspired circus troupe all made from top quality plywood and screen printed on both sides with charming illustrations of performers. All the pieces can be stacked one on top of the other and there are some challenging circular shapes to fit along the way. All the pieces are contained in a double sided and printed circus bag.

                          This is perfect for carrying it around when you are out as a family or for a play date.

                          Circus Stacker


                          (as seen above) Racing Grand Prix

                          (as seen above) Pop Up Kitchenette

                          (as seen above) Little Barn Set

                          (as seen above) Stacking Farmyard

                          Ice Cream

                          Finally, these toys are going to be everyone’s favourites! Who doesn't love a chilled smoothy ice cream! 


                          38. Ice Cream Stand

                            Children will love this pretend play ice cream stand to play shops or just to introduce to their tea party!

                            Why not combine with some other afternoon tea items (as seen above) for a mix and match party!

                            Ice Cream Stand



                            39. Ice Cream Parlour

                            Our new Ice cream parlour perfectly compliments our Ice cream maker. This stunning piece features six ice cream cones with an Ice cream cone stand. Beautifully painted and constructed with quality wood. Great for imaginative play.

                            Ice Cream Parlour

                            40. Ice Cream Cart

                              Come to the Ice Cream Cart where the popsicles, lollies and ice cream cones are ready to be served! There is a clever ice cream scoop that magically picks up the scoop and tops the cone ready for some yummy treats. Encourage creative role play and help develop social skills.

                              Made from sustainable rubberwood and responsibly sourced plywood, coloured with soft non-toxic colours for a contemporary style.

                              Ice Cream Cart

                              Final Words

                              So, we have introduced to you 11 different categories of sustainable wooden toys that are stuiable for your little one from 3 years old and above in this article. There are more or less 40 items here that we recommended you to take a look and many have been tested and satisfied by some of our 10s of thousand customers! 

                              They can certainly be gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas, stock filling, Easter and summer holiday. Don’t forget this is not all we have, come and take a look at what we have on offer now! 

                              Shop our full range of sustainable wooden toys for 3 years old plus here.

                              Wooden Toys for 3 years old


                              For other age ranges? Click below!

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